Standing on the observation deck at the top of Boone Peak, more than ten snow peaks with an altitude of over 6900 meters, including the huge Annabulna Peak Group, Dorajiri Peak Group, and Fishtail Peak, are lined up in a row, as if within reach. This spectacular scene is stunning, as if it is a visual feast carefully presented by nature.

The cold wind on the mountaintop is piercing and chilling, making people shudder. However, clever locals cleverly take advantage of this harsh environment and sell hot drinks on the mountaintop. A cup of hot water was given new value and sold for 200 rupees. And a cup of instant coffee doubles its value, priced at 500 rupees. Of course, if you are willing to offer a higher price, you can also taste more luxurious drinks. In such an environment, hot water is no longer just money and water, it is more like a magical elixir that can make people feel a touch of warmth in cold weather. Coffee is no longer just a beverage, but a pleasure and comfort in difficult environments.

I looked up at the sky, and the previously airtight black canopy began to shimmer with a subtle blue hue. As time passed, dawn gradually broke on the horizon, and the earth appeared faintly in the morning light, as if shrouded in a faint layer of gray veil. The distant snow capped mountains gradually became clear in sight

As the eastern sky gradually brightened, the golden morning light gradually climbed to the top of each snow peak. However, the sudden light made the snow capped mountain, who had not yet fully awakened, feel dazzling. They seemed to have a wake-up vibe, and the white mountain top was instantly dyed a crimson hue. These snow capped mountains seem to be infuriating everything around them, even the passing clouds are not spared. The entire sky burned in this fiery glow, as if it had been ignited.

Faced with such a spectacular sunrise scene, people on the observation deck exclaimed in amazement. I was stunned and filled with awe. The accelerating heart and dilated pupils told me that it was the first time I had seen such a spectacular sunrise

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