Enter the Paspatina Temple in Nepal, a place full of mystery and eerie. Here, people hold a unique funeral - cremation.

One of the huge incinerators was blazing with flames. In this flame lies a cremated deceased. It is said that this process usually takes three to four hours. During this process, I saw other crematoriums where crematologists pushed the burned ashes into the river. In this way, after the blazing nirvana and the washing of the holy river water, the souls of the deceased will eventually merge into the Ganges River in India, thus obtaining liberation

Although this ritual may seem cruel and inhumane, it is a part of Nepalese culture. For locals, death is not the end of life, but the beginning of another journey. Through cremation, they believe that the souls of the deceased can enter a higher world and reunite with the gods.

At the Paspatina Temple, visitors can learn about the local cultural traditions and religious beliefs, as well as experience human contemplation and exploration of death and the soul. People interested in Nepalese culture and religion may want to personally experience this unique funeral atmosphere.

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