As soon as you step into the Yellow Dragon, it feels like you have entered a dreamy world. The snowy peaks surround the colorful pool, which is breathtaking. I walked slowly along the boardwalk, and the scenery in front of me intoxicated me.

I walked slowly along the winding boardwalk, each step accompanied by the rhythm of my heart. The scenery in front of us is like a flowing painting, showcasing the magical charm of nature. The colorful pools come in different sizes and shapes, like beautiful jade stones embedded in this snowy area.

The color of the pool water is even more breathtaking, with deep blue, emerald green, goose yellow, and fiery red. They are colorful and dreamy, like a fairyland. I couldn't help but reach out to touch the clear pool water, feeling its coolness and softness. The pool water flows through my fingers, as if telling me the mysteries of nature. Standing by the colorful pond, I quietly admire all of this, filled with awe for nature in my heart.

Continuing forward, I arrived at an open place. The colorful pools here are even more spectacular, stacked layer by layer and arranged neatly, forming a beautiful picture. The snow capped mountains in the distance appear even more magnificent and magnificent under the sunlight, complementing the colorful pool, forming a stunning scenery.

On this peaceful land, I have set aside all my troubles and fatigue, and immersed myself wholeheartedly in this beautiful scenery. The snow scenery of Huanglong makes me linger and forget to leave, which will become an unforgettable memory in my life.

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