Although this trip to the Zero Glacier was full of challenges and difficulties, it also brought me countless precious memories.

The Wuling Glacier, also known as the Jiacuo Glacier, is located in a location where no roads have been built, so we can only rely on the experience of drivers to find directions.

In this way, we ran wildly in the wilderness, bumping and bumping, alternating between sandy roads and river ice. Although the journey was arduous, the occasional appearance of wild animals such as bison, wild horses, and Tibetan antelopes outside the window made us feel the charm of nature.

Approaching noon, we finally arrived at the Wuling Glacier, where the altitude has exceeded 5300 meters. After getting off the car, I felt chest tightness and shortness of breath, and a slight movement made me dizzy and dizzy. But I know that to see glaciers, you still need to walk two to three kilometers. The hypoxic environment puts a heavy burden on our bodies, making every step extremely difficult. We have to stop and take a few breaths to continue moving forward. Everyone's movements became slow, as if they were on the moon, struggling to move.

After several difficult journeys on small hills, we finally stepped into the realm of boundless glaciers. The spectacular scene before me instantly shook me to the depths of my heart. I stood there dumbfounded, unable to cheer due to the heavy burden on my body, but my heart was filled with excitement and excitement, with goosebumps all over my body

In front of this beautiful scene, I feel the greatness of nature and the insignificance of humanity. This glacier is like a huge silver dragon, winding between the mountains, with a cold breath rushing in, making people feel like they are in another world...

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