After a long day of visiting Daocheng Aden, the sun had gradually sunk into the mountains, leaving only the darkness and coldness gradually descending in the valley. My friends and I hurriedly ran towards the exit of the scenic area, and the dozens of kilometers seemed out of reach.

The staff at the scenic area have already finished work, and we are almost trapped in this deserted place. Fortunately, we managed to catch the last bus out of the mountain. The driver saw several people trekking from a distance and stopped the car, patiently waiting for us.

I caught a glimpse of a snowy mountain in the distance, whose head was dyed red by the sunset, like a blazing fiery spear head. The spectacular scene was breathtaking. The joy that followed instantly dispelled all fears and anxieties.

This snow mountain is called Shanuoduoji and is the eastern peak of Sanhuzhu Snow Mountain, with an altitude of 5951.3 meters. Its main peak is shaped like a triangular pyramid with a unique shape, resembling a pyramid. Along the sharp ridges of the snow capped mountain, winding and stretching, the side facing away from the light sinks into the shadow, and the blue sky outlines sharp and stylish lines.

I quickly picked up my camera and captured the beautiful scenery in front of me at the speed of a barrage of bullets. The car started, but I still reluctantly filmed it. The car slowly drove away, and my heart was filled with reluctance and regret. I haven't captured enough of the spectacular snow capped scenery, and I haven't seen enough of the refreshing scenery yet.

The car continued to drive towards the exit, and I silently bid farewell to this beautiful place, hoping to have the opportunity to come here again and capture this magnificent scene in the future.

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