In the three years of living in Shanghai, I have chased the sunrise and sunset of the Bund countless times, but never succeeded. Either there are few clouds and the picture is dull, or there are many clouds and the sun is blocked, and the glow always shines inexplicably elsewhere, all of which make me feel frustrated.

However, fate is always full of drama. After leaving Shanghai for a year and a half, when I passed by here again, I coincidentally met the most beautiful Shanghai morning glow I have ever seen, as if it were a gift from heaven.

The sky was dyed orange red, and the rosy glow was picturesque and beautiful. The distant Shanghai skyline appears even more magical and charming against the backdrop of the morning glow. The flowing clouds are shrouded in golden glow, as if endowed with life, dancing gracefully and beautiful as if in a dream.

I gazed at this beautiful scene, feeling a surge of emotion in my heart. This wonderful coincidence made me understand that the beauty in life often appears when I least expect it. Despite countless disappointments, this encounter has made all the waiting worthwhile.

This morning glow is not only a magnificent painting, but also the best reward for persistence and patience. It makes me believe that no matter how many setbacks I experience, as long as I maintain the pursuit of beauty, I will always encounter those stunning moments unexpectedly at some point.

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