The first time I went to Seda, I was attracted by the beauty there. We live in a youth hostel, with several postcards pasted on the walls. The patterns on the postcards are all photos about Seda. A few photos immediately caught the attention of me and my friends, and we all thought these photos were very beautiful.

My friends wanted to buy these postcards, but I stopped them. I told them that I can also take photos that look as good as those on these postcards, and then send them electronic versions of the photos. Everyone laughed heartily upon hearing this, thinking that I was bragging.

So we decided to go to the observation deck in Seda together and wait for the light and shadow to shoot our own postcards. The weather was very cold that day, and the cold wind made us shiver, but we persisted in waiting. Finally, before sunset, the sunlight became warm and soft, and we pressed the shutter button, leaving behind this beautiful color coded postcard.

Every time I see this photo, I think back to that beautiful time and my friends. This photo has become a part of our beautiful memories, witnessing our special bond with Seda.

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