Years ago, we hiked into Lengga Cuo just to see the most spectacular sunset in our dreams.

We sat quietly by the lake, feeling everything around us. Time passes silently, every second slipping like a grain of sand. The sun slowly sets, its dazzling light gradually dims and no longer shines on the earth. The temperature in the shadow also began to drop rapidly, and the wind stirred up ripples on the lake surface.

A hazy sea of clouds began to rise at the foot of Gongga Mountain in the distance. The sea of clouds was tumbling and unpredictable, as if telling the ancient mystery. Each cloud has a unique posture, as if it has life, displaying endless possibilities.

We stared intently at this magnificent sight, filled with awe and amazement in our hearts. However, this sea of clouds seemed to be driven by some force and grew wildly, moving faster and more fiercely. It swept over without warning or knowing how to stop. We can only watch helplessly as this happens, unable to resist or escape.

In an instant, the white clouds turned into dark clouds, and the sea of clouds turned into mountains of clouds. They covered the sky tightly, while the distant Gongga was obscured by clouds and mist, appearing faintly, as if about to fall asleep

As we watched the upcoming "Sunshine Golden Mountain" turn into a bubble, we were extremely disappointed, yet our hearts were filled with longing

A few more minutes passed, and the weather remained unchanged. I reluctantly put away my camera and no longer had any illusions.

At this moment, a beam of sunlight shone through the clouds and directly onto the main peak of Gongga. Gradually, the light became brighter and brighter. Sheng Sheng poked a passage through the thick cloud layer, solidifying it between the mountaintop and the mountainside. The mountain in the middle was shrouded in golden light, incredibly brilliant

The golden light began to tremble slightly, as if the heart was beating. Its color gradually changed from bright gold to soft pink, like a blush on the cheeks of a shy girl. This change is so subtle that one cannot help but marvel at it. It illuminates the mist in the mountains, making them dreamy and surreal, making me feel like I am in a mysterious world.

I stared intently at all of this, and the disappointment and unwillingness in my heart had already been replaced by this magical sight. I think this is the charm of nature, no matter how much we look forward to it, it always presents endless beauty and miracles in its unique way

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