I waited for two hours in the severe cold to take photos of Qianlou and Chaoxia shining together. When I finally waited for the sky to turn orange red, I quickly set up my camera and pressed the shutter button. However, due to improper camera position selection, the photos I took did not produce good results, which made me deeply regretful

Just as I was feeling disappointed, I suddenly remembered carrying a drone. So I quickly took out the drone, remotely controlled it to fly into the air, and captured a delay footage. When I exported the delay, I was deeply attracted. In the footage captured by the drone, Qianlou is bathed in red clouds, as if telling its history and story. At that moment, I felt that all the efforts were worth it.

Although the photo is not perfect, it records my experiences and feelings. In life, we often encounter various challenges and difficulties, but we cannot give up the pursuit of beauty and happiness. We need to learn to seek hope in setbacks and draw the strength of growth from failures. Just like the beautiful Qianlou and Chaoxia, no matter what difficulties and setbacks they encounter, they will still shine with their own brilliance.

This cold morning made me realize that the process is more important than the result. Learn to enjoy the beauty of the process, cherish every moment, and welcome the next beautiful morning.

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