Yunhai, I think I have seen many. Sichuan never lacks the beauty of a sea of clouds. However, this photo of the sea of clouds holds special significance.

This photo was taken on the Dagu Iceberg, which was my first time taking my mother to a plateau with an altitude of over 4600 meters. Dagu Iceberg, a natural wonder located in Heishui County, Sichuan Province, gave us an unforgettable experience.

My mother has always been longing for the scenery of the plateau, but due to age and physical reasons, she has never had the opportunity to experience it firsthand. This time, I have decided to take her to realize this dream and embark on a journey to Dagu Iceberg together.


When we reached the mountaintop, a spectacular sea of clouds appeared before us. The white clouds and waves churned and rolled, like dreams and illusions, as if being in a fairyland. My mother gazed excitedly at the beautiful scenery, her eyes flickering with surprise and emotion.

At that moment, I pressed the shutter and left behind this precious photo of the sea of clouds. Whenever I flip through this photo, I always think of that warm time. I hope to take my mom to more places in the future

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