The origin of "Nanbaxian" is that the name of a hero is respected by later generations. In 1955, the footsteps of geologists woke up this ancient and desolate land, making it full of life... There are eight female geologists from the south, who come here in search of oil resources, with a youthful demeanor. Once they trudged through the maze of wind eroded hills, and on their way back, the vast Yellow sand covered the desert. They lost their way in the terrain called "ghost city", and the only signs were buried. Thirsty and hungry came to them. On the third day, when the team searching for them found them, they would sleep in this ancient wasteland forever. Born in the name of a person, in memory of eight glorious female geologists, the place where they died was called "Nanbaxian". This magical land is a geomorphic combination of a series of intermittently extended long soil piers and concave trenches, so it is called Yadan landform by geologists.
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