I have heard that all mountains, rivers, lakes, and seas have life, and each life has its own unique story. But I never imagined witnessing the tenderness and deep affection of a mountain peak on that evening under the reflection of the sunset.

I stand on the roof of the Baga Township Youth Brigade, my mind like water, and wherever my gaze goes, it is Namunani. Her peak was covered in a faint pink veil in the sunset, so beautiful and intoxicating that I couldn't help but fall into her charm.

Namuni, although she is the companion of Okinawa Rinpoche, my emotions are surging like a tide and cannot be suppressed. I know that such emotions may anger the king who leads the mountains, but I am still willing to risk the world's great injustice just to see her beauty.

I stared at her, the pink halo jumping on her peak, as if telling an ancient and mysterious story. I think it must be a story about love, because in my eyes, she is so affectionate and gentle.

Time seems to be at a standstill at this moment, and I only wish to immerse myself in this beauty, so that my soul can resonate with it. I know this is an indescribable emotion, but I am still willing to give everything for it, just for that touch of pink tenderness.

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