With unwillingness, after leaving Ali for a week, I resolutely returned to Baga Township and threw myself into Namunani's embrace.

This obsession also stems from a one week stay in Baga Township half a month ago. At that time, I saw the pink and gold Namunani and fell deeply in love with this sacred mountain. I think if we could take some more photos of Namunai and the Milky Way, how perfect it would be! So, I stayed alone on the mountain peak across from Namunani for three days. But these three days, with clear skies for thousands of miles during the day, I am pleased; At night, dark clouds cover me, leaving me speechless

In the end, I left Ali, but the obsession of taking photos of the starry sky lingered in my heart. I lay on the bed of a youth hostel in Shigatse, and in my dreams, I always come across the scene of me beside Namuni, gazing up at the Milky Way with her.

This feeling, like the pain of lovesickness, makes my heart itch unbearable. I posted on my social media: Do you want to join Alibaba again? If I don't go, I will definitely regret it for at least six months

A friend replied, "Go!"!

I no longer hesitated. I bought water and food, and obtained a border pass in Shigatse. In just two days, I once again rushed into Namnani's embrace. When I stand in a familiar place again, my mood is surprisingly relaxed!

However, on the first day, Namunani still gave me a dark, cloudy night sky. I feel a bit frustrated, but it's all within my expectations. Since I am here again, I am fully prepared and have enough food and drink supplies to handle at least a week.

The night sky the next day was still shrouded in dark clouds. The clear sky during the day makes me lose my mind. Why do the clouds gather here like crazy at sunset.

Ah... I sighed, feeling deeply hurt! I can only continue to wait hard for the next night to come

Hard work pays off for those who have a heart. Perhaps it was my sincerity that moved Namuni. On the third night, the starry sky was so bright that I felt a bit dazed! I quickly set up my camera and used the Mani pile in front of me as the foreground, like a devout follower crawling in front of the Namunai mountain, finally capturing this beautiful photo of Namunai and the starry Milky Way

Looking at the perfect picture in the camera, my heart is filled with a sense of achievement and gratitude towards Namnani. This mysterious and magnificent land has given me endless surprises and emotions. I am well aware that this experience will forever be engraved in the depths of my memory, becoming a precious memory in my life.

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