I have always longed for the mysterious Zizhu Temple, and now I finally have the opportunity to personally visit this millennium old temple.
Zizhu Temple is built on the top of Zizhu Mountain, with an altitude of about 4800 meters. There is still about thirteen kilometers of winding mountain road to go from the foot of the mountain to Zizhu Temple. The road is not only narrow, but also bumpy, rugged, steep, and steep, which makes me somewhat worried about this journey.

However, when I truly embarked on this journey, I found that it was not as difficult as I had imagined. I am driving a two wheel drive small SUV. Although it is very difficult to climb the mountain, I can still move forward in an orderly manner. There are many stones and large pits at some turns, which have caused me many difficulties. However, I overcame them one by one and finally climbed up the Zizhu Mountain.

After arriving at Zizhu Temple, I was amazed by its grandeur. This temple is built on steep cliffs, blending with nature. The meaning of Zizhu is "six peaks", they are rugged and rugged, with stacked Zen temples and protruding peaks, towering and steep. Standing in front of the temple, I can overlook the beautiful scenery of the entire valley, feel the extraordinary craftsmanship of nature and the wisdom and courage of humanity.

Entering the temple, I was infected by its solemnity and sacredness. There are numerous Buddha statues and deities enshrined in the temple, and the incense is flourishing. The believers prayed devoutly, and I couldn't help but join their ranks. Here, I feel the power of faith and the tranquility of the soul.

Zizhu Temple is not only a temple, but also a museum. It collects many precious cultural relics and artworks, showcasing the vastness and profoundness of Tibetan culture. I learned about the history and development of Bon religion here, as well as its significant influence on Tibetan culture.

During my visit to Zizhu Temple, I not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery, but also learned about rich cultural knowledge. This is a place worth visiting. It gives me a deeper understanding of the history and culture of Xizang.

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