In Hemu, the water source is abundant, the grass is green, and the earth is like a green blanket, dotted with countless pastures. Golden sunshine falls like silk in the valley, and herds of cows and sheep, big and small, bloom like wildflowers on this land. Occasionally, you can see faint smoke rising from the white felt felt houses, and herdsmen riding horses leisurely pass by. Everything is so peaceful and relaxed, and all troubles and pressures disappear without a trace in this wind.

Hemu Village is not big, but it has unique beauty. The Hemu River flows in the embrace of the mountains, and the wooden houses of the Tuwa people are scattered and orderly on this plain. They, together with snow peaks, forests, grasslands, blue skies and white clouds, form a beautiful picture of the integration of nature and culture.

Whenever the sun rises and the morning mist gradually rises, the entire village feels like it is gently covered by a layer of thin gauze, like a dream, attracting countless photography enthusiasts to go crazy. In order to capture the beautiful scenery in the morning mist, people often get up and hike to the Hemu Observation Platform before the sky is fully lit. There is a broad view that overlooks the entire scenery of Hemu Village.

Standing on the Hemu observation deck, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of sunrise, snow capped peaks, and streams from afar, and get a close-up view of the lives of Tuwa people. This is an excellent filming location for sunrise, morning mist, wooden houses, and Hemu River. When you see the morning mist, sunset, and starry sky here with your own eyes, I believe you will also fall deeply in love with this small village full of primitive atmosphere, just like me.

If you also love the beauty of forests, wooden houses, and river valleys, then you must go to Hemu.

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