Under the gentle touch of dawn, the father of the iceberg seemed to have not yet awakened. That gentle light, like the fingers of a lover, gently caressed his contours and slowly caressed his cheeks. He seemed to be still immersed in a dream, lazily stretching his huge body, enjoying the warmth.

The breath of the father of the iceberg permeates the air, cold and fresh. His face was lonely yet resilient, revealing an unyielding determination. His body is towering and magnificent, standing between heaven and earth, vaguely appearing in the mist, mysterious and solemn, which is awe inspiring.

The sun quietly rises, the golden light becomes more brilliant, and the outline of the father of the iceberg becomes clearer and clearer. He stands quietly between heaven and earth, witnessing the flow of time.

The golden light leaped on the iceberg like an elf, bringing new vitality to the world. He breathed in the fresh morning air and felt the warmth of the sunshine. The father of the iceberg at this moment exudes a unique charm that is captivating.

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