I waited by Lake Bosten all night to capture the starry sky. On summer nights, I alternated between the cabin and the outdoors, and the stuffiness and mosquitoes tormented me all night. It wasn't until the dawn began to scatter on the earth that the surrounding air gradually became cool, dew condensed on the car window, and those annoying mosquitoes seemed to be hiding.

I got out of the car, my mind was dazed, holding a camera and searching around for the subject to be photographed.

On the skyline, the sun poked its head out, without the dazzling golden hue. Instead, it was dyed a soft white by the mist on the surface of Lake Bosten, like a full moon. The lake surface has no ripples and is beautiful like an oil painting. The peaceful, profound, and mysterious atmosphere seems to immerse one in a dreamy world.

There are many unknown aquatic plants floating in the lake, presenting a faint pink color in the dim light, giving people a romantic and mysterious feeling. Their branches and leaves sway in the water, as if they have grown in the sky, decorating the entire lake surface like poetry and painting. The sun seemed to be attracted by this beautiful scene and shyly hid inside.

A white bird skimmed over the water with an elegant and free posture. It seemed to feel my mood, circling in front of me a few times before flying into the distance. I watched as its figure faded away until it disappeared from the horizon.

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