In early May, with a gentle breeze and drizzle, I arrived at Dahe Fort with a longing for the starry sky. The dark sky environment here can be considered a second level, and it is undoubtedly a holy land for shooting stars.

With the help of the weather forecast, I know that there is only one clear sky window period in these days. So I seized this opportunity and began my journey of shooting stars with hope.

However, the filming effect of that whole night was not satisfactory. Although my home is only one hundred and fifty kilometers away from here, I don't want to always rush back and forth like this. So the next day, I still stayed in this ancient castle, unwilling to leave.

I am waiting, waiting for the weather to change, waiting for that little turning point.

Although I don't have full confidence in my heart, I have plenty of time and it's worth trying. The sky changed from clear to cloudy, and then from cloudy to slightly cloudy. I experienced the ups and downs of the afternoon, and the unpredictable weather seemed to be playing a silent game with me.

At sunset, I checked the weather forecast again and was pleasantly surprised to find that the night sky would become clear around midnight, with a window period of about two hours. This news made me feel relieved, and the flame of hope in my heart was once again ignited.

I was ecstatic in my heart and quickly set up my camera to once again record the Milky Way in May.

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