My mother and I were strolling in the primitive forest of Hailuogou, surrounded by a faint mist. Although the sky was gloomy, it was filled with fine rain like smoke. Raindrops gently sprinkled on every leaf, and the moist air was filled with the scent of the earth. This made our whole body and mind very comfortable.

We passed by a small bridge woven of bamboo, and my gaze was immediately drawn to the scenery in front of us. Under the small bridge, a clear and bottomless stream is flowing happily. Its water source comes from the glacier on the eastern slope of Gongga Mountain, which is clear and bottomless. Beside, a withered tree stands quietly, its branches reaching into the sky, as if telling an ancient and profound story.

I pressed the shutter and recorded this moment with a slow shutter. In this moment of stillness, the small bridge, creek, and withered tree all seem to have been given life. They are gently telling their stories, as if telling me that although life is plain, every moment is worth cherishing and understanding.

To my surprise, the scenic area gave this small bridge a poetic name - Magpie Bridge. This name reminds me of the story of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl, adding a touch of romance and warmth to this ordinary small bridge.

This photo also became my first highly praised work on this journey, making me more convinced that every moment in life is worth discovering and cherishing.

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