More than two thousand years ago, Kucha ancient ferry was an important pass on the silk road. Merchants from the south to the North stop here and wait for crossing the river by the ancient ferry. This river is the Kuche river. It separates the new town and the old town of Kuche today. Therefore, the unity bridge built on the riverbed becomes a magical bridge across the ancient and modern times. After it, it will be found unconsciously that the broad road, the high-rise buildings and the endless vehicles are gone. The flat tricycle runs on the street. The busy bazaar is at the bridgehead. The old Uygur people carry the Naan cake of the size of the wheel and walk by. The houses on both sides are all colorful wooden flower doors... This is the country of Kucha in the past. Today's old city of Kuqa is still there Maintain a strong Uygur style.

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