In the distant western border, there is a place called Mangya, where there is a green lake, like the jade of the earth, known as Mangya Jade Lake.

On this day, I came from Xinjiang and stayed by the lake until the sun gradually set in the west. The skyline is covered with thick clouds, and sunlight shines down through them, shimmering on the lake like countless pearls shining. In this beautiful scenery, a girl stands quietly in the sky, her figure appearing so mysterious and charming in the afterglow.

She was wearing a dress, with a light veil tied around her head. The sunlight brushed against her skirt, like a saint descending from the sky. She slowly walked towards the lake, her footsteps light and firm, as if pursuing something.

The sun gradually sets, and the color of the sky is reflected on the lake surface. The water and sky connect, making it difficult to distinguish which is the sky and which is the lake. The girl turned her face to her side, confused yet gentle, as if praying for this lake and this world.

At this moment, time seemed to come to a standstill, and everything became so peaceful and beautiful. The girl formed a stunning scene with Mangya Emerald Lake in the sunset. This seems like a masterpiece of nature, embodying their beauty and mystery, attracting people's attention.

Under the afterglow of the sunset, the girl's figure gradually faded away and eventually disappeared into the distance. I looked at the other side in a daze, and the beautiful figure occasionally appeared in my mind. She was the elf in this piece of jade, allowing me to spend an unforgettable evening.

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