When driving out of Lhasa and entering the southern mountainous area, one needs to cross the mountain pass at an altitude of 5030 meters. The roads up the mountain are all paved with asphalt, and the road conditions are excellent. However, there are many bends, and people with motion sickness symptoms are likely to vomit here first

After nearly an hour of climbing, we finally reached the mountaintop parking lot. Before the car could come to a steady stop, the friends were already eager to get off the car. They saw the other side of the mountain faintly reflecting blue light, dazzling and dazzling.

As we ran towards the blue light, a turquoise blue lake appeared in front of us, which seemed to be inlaid with sapphires on the Shannan Plateau. The calm lake was sparkling in the sunlight, which was refreshing. This is one of the three holy lakes in Xizang - Yang Zhuoyong Cuo.

Looking at the winding lake, I was stunned and lost in thought. It was like seeing a lover from a past life. She was wearing a emerald blue long dress, swaying her graceful figure as she slowly walked from the distant snow mountain, stopped in front of me, and lay gracefully in this beautiful valley

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