At the final moment of Gongga sunset, the sky and earth were covered with a rich purple color. This is a deep color that makes people feel both melancholic and mysterious.

In this purple twilight, Gongga Snow Mountain appears even more solemn and cold, as if it is the center of this world, attracting all eyes and emotions.

This is a picture that travels through time and space, and everything around it seems to have been given a new meaning. Gongga Snow Mountain is not just a mountain peak, but more like a deity full of wisdom and power, quietly guarding this land and the people here. Its existence makes people feel both awe and familiarity, as if it is the faith and reliance in people's hearts.

Standing here, it seems as if one can hear the singing voice that has been passed down from ancient times, and feel the emotions surging from the bottom of their hearts. You look up at Gongga Snow Mountain and feel a peaceful state in your heart, as if all your troubles and sorrows have been washed away by this deep purple.

This is a captivating experience that makes people want to delve deeper into it. It is like a poem, like a painting, deeply imprinted in my heart, becoming my eternal memory.

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