On every morning of chasing beauty, I always carry anticipation and come to this familiar Qianlou parking spot, waiting for the sunrise to come. This time, before the red sun broke through the horizon, the red glow before my eyes had already filled my heart with joy, because this sunrise finally did not disappoint me.

Qianlou, this ancient building, is a witness of time. It stands there, carrying the traces of time. The seat I have chosen allows me to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Qianlou and the sunrise from a unique perspective.

As time passed, the morning glow gradually burned up, like a burning flame, dyeing half of the sky a brilliant orange red. That brilliant color, like a palette in the painter's hand, is freely scattered in the sky, forming a beautiful picture.

However, despite the beauty of the sunrise, I only have a 73% feeling in my mind. Perhaps it is because my pursuit of beauty is too harsh, or perhaps it is because I still hold higher expectations in my heart. In my opinion, although this sunrise is already stunning enough, it is still just a little short of reaching the perfect state, only a little short of graduating from this position.

I remember countless sunsets I have seen here before, each with a different feeling and experience. Some sunsets shine brightly, making people feel endless power; Some sunrises are gentle and graceful, like women in the water towns of Jiangnan, giving people a sense of tranquility and peace. And this sunrise, although it also has its unique charm, feels like it still lacks something.

Perhaps this is a true portrayal of life. We are always striving for perfection, but we often inadvertently discover that perfection does not actually exist. Every experience has its imperfections, but it is these imperfections that make us cherish those beautiful moments even more. Just like this sunrise, although it did not meet the perfect standard in my heart, it still made me feel the charm of nature and the power of life.

I know that perfection is not the end we pursue, but the driving force for us to constantly grow and improve in the process of pursuing it. We should learn to appreciate the imperfections in life, cherish every moment, and feel those beautiful moments with our hearts. Because it is these imperfections and beauty that make up our rich and colorful lives.

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