There are countless ink seas scattered around Songpan County, but only one left a deep impression on me, which is the one in Songping Gully.

This ink sea is like a brilliant pearl in the world, its water color is deep and mysterious, like blue and black silk. Its existence seems like a magic of nature, leaving people amazed.

The formation of the Ink Sea originated from the rupture of rock walls and the collapse of mountains. The blocked water flow gradually converged into a lake in the sunken depression, and the lake water converged on the dark blue rocks, clear and bottomless, but also unfathomable.

The surrounding peaks, lush trees, verdant pine trees, and a variety of flowers and plants are all reflected in it. The interaction between the scenery inside and outside the water makes the water color dark blue like ink, like a pool of spilled ink.

I strolled along the lakeside, feeling the gentle shimmering waves of the lake water. That deep blue, like a dream, the surrounding air is quiet and mysterious, as if time is still here, making people intoxicated.

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