The location of actas grassland is called "girl's grave" by local people. According to legend, Wusun has a Kazakh tribe called "Bayi" (i.e. rich man), whose beautiful daughter fell in love with the poor herdsman's son baiken, whose marriage was strongly opposed by the "Bayi" family, who placed her under house arrest. The girl used aken to play and sing and sneaked into the forest. After riding for three days and three nights, she finally found baiken and married her husband and wife. Bayi sent all the fallen riders to find them, threw baiken off the cliff and fed the wolf on the spot, and forced her to marry Daru, the aristocrat of Wusun. On the night of marriage, the infatuated girl jumped off the cliff and killed herself. In order to miss the girl, when people pass here, they will pick up some beautiful stones and put them on the cliff. Over time, a large stone tomb has been formed here, which is the origin of the girl's tomb.
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