In the distant Da Chai Dan, I witnessed a heart wrenching jade crossing disaster.

The sky suddenly shrouded in thick clouds, as if heralding an inevitable storm. The sun above the sky is still struggling to emit light, coating the emerald lake in front of us with a dazzling radiance. However, this radiance was soon overshadowed by the raging winds

The blue waves of the Jade Lake gradually became chaotic, and the color lost its original clarity in an instant. It began to diffuse a thick white color like jade. The lake water surged, as if an indescribable force was surging within it. Suddenly, a dark green spring seemed to emerge from the center of the lake, like an ancient force breaking through the water and constantly gushing, instantly turning the center of the lake into a piece of ink jade.

This strange sight left me amazed. I stood in the rain, letting the rain wet my clothes and hit my face. I seem to have been enchanted and unable to move, just staring blankly at the magical changes in front of me. Just as I was immersed in this incredible sight, the wind and rain miraculously restrained their frenzy.

The lake water slowly returned to its original white color, then gradually became clear and transparent, and the emerald green color reappeared. It seems like an invisible immortal has cast a magical spell, bringing everything back to tranquility. But I still stood there, the shock and amazement in my heart still lingering, while the Jade Lake in front of me had regained its former tranquility and beauty.

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