Kathmandu, a city with a long history, has traces of time everywhere. Every stone seems to be whispering, telling the story of the city's past glory and vicissitudes.

Although it has a stunning history and civilization, it appears so pale and powerless in this wave of modernization. It is like a child abandoned by the times, standing alone in the same place, gazing at those distant figures. Its level of urbanization seems to have been stagnant for centuries, and its status as the capital is vastly different.

The houses in the city are so densely packed that even a whisper can feel heard, and being in such an environment gives people a sense of oppression. In this densely packed building, I could hardly find a clear path, instead the winding paths extended in all directions like a maze.

In the city, the greenery that should have belonged to nature has disappeared without a trace. Every inch of land appears so precious that the green on the vacant land can only be stretched thin. There is no green lung here that can purify the air and regulate humidity. Whenever the wind blows, the air is filled with the smell of dust, making people unable to help but cover their noses.

Perhaps what Kathmandu needs is not only respect for history, but also thinking and planning for the future. Only in this way can it truly break free from the dilemma of being out of place and regain its glory.

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