The darkness of the cold night gradually faded away,
The dawn light sprinkled on the cold earth.
I stand in the cold wind,
Frozen for two hours,
Just to capture the magnificent sunrise.

The sky gradually began to ripple orange red,
The morning glow is as dazzling as flames.
The sky was flushed with flames and clouds,
I pressed the shutter,
But it was discovered that the aircraft was not well positioned,
The beautiful scenery in the photo is not as good as what I saw.

I feel a hint of regret,
But he was not discouraged.
Because I know,
Every attempt is an opportunity for growth.

I will continue to pursue the footsteps of beauty,
Capture the moments of life with the lens of the soul.
The beauty of the cold morning will forever remain in my memory,
Let the world feel this beauty.

Regardless of the outcome,
I have no regrets,
Because I have already tried my best.

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