Animaqing, I like this name! These four words seem to contain endless tenderness, rippling in my heart.

This is a divine mountain that is extremely approachable. She is one of the four sacred mountains in Tibet, but she is not unattainable. She stood quietly by the highway, like a kind mother, embracing every passing traveler with open arms. She attracts everyone's attention with her ordinary yet unique posture, making every passerby involuntarily stop and watch in peace.

And how can I easily leave when I come here? So, without hesitation, I walked into her warm embrace, as if searching for a home for my soul. Here, I encountered the Halong Glacier, which is the sedimentation of time and a masterpiece of nature.

I stood quietly among countless prayer flags, gazing at the Halong Glacier as if in conversation with time. The prayer flags dance in the wind, symbolizing faith and carrying people's longing for a better life. And the Halong Glacier is like a sleeping ice dragon

Approaching it feels like entering a kingdom of ice and snow. The cold air rushed towards me, yet it made me feel a sense of tranquility and tranquility. The surface of the glacier is covered with traces of time, like a masterpiece of a master sculptor, and every texture tells the story of time.

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