Pazhou Bridge is a classic sunset stand in Guangzhou.

I stand on the Pazhou Bridge, gazing into the distance. The sun gradually sets in the west, and a brilliant sunset gradually appears on the horizon. The brilliant colors were like magnificent scrolls.

The afterglow of the setting sun sprinkled on the river, shimmering with waves. The gentle breeze brushed over, and layers of ripples rose on the river surface, like a dream like illusion.

I quickly took out my camera and captured this beautiful moment. The sunset in the camera is either fiery red like flames, orange yellow like gold, or purple like a dream. Every frame is so wonderful, it fascinates me immensely.

The people on the bridge also stopped to watch, some took out their phones to take photos, and some quietly enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Everyone was attracted by the splendid sunset, as if they had forgotten all their troubles.

As time goes by, the sun gradually disappears on the horizon, and the color of the sunset also becomes darker and darker. Finally, the sky was dyed a deep blue, and the stars began to quietly twinkle.

As night fell, I left the Pazhou Bridge with a full harvest. But that beautiful sunset will always remain in my memory.

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