Since I started chasing the sunset of my hometown, I can't remember how many times I've been to the southeast corner of the ancient city wall.

Here stands a Northern Wei Cultural Park, although defined as a tourist attraction, it has a unique charm.

I slowly flew into the architectural complex of Northern Wei from the perspective of a drone, as if stepping into the deep tunnel of time. Ancient buildings, carrying the vicissitudes of time, stand solemnly and solemnly. The quaint streets, winding and winding, seem to lead people into the past. Elegant gardens with exquisite layout, each scene exudes a unique charm, showcasing the unique style of the Northern Wei period. The plants, trees, bricks, and tiles in the park seem to be immersed in the long river of history, emitting a strong and profound historical atmosphere.

The afterglow is like a poem, casting a golden veil over the ancient city walls and buildings. The mottled bricks and stones carry the traces of time and tell stories of the past.

My thoughts gradually drifted away, imagining myself traveling back to the Northern Wei period, dressed in gorgeous costumes, walking on this ancient street. I feel the atmosphere of that era and experience their lives.

I saw a bustling crowd and heard the clamor of selling. The shops on the street are dazzling, displaying various novel items. I looked around curiously, as if I were in a completely different world.

In this ancient era, I experienced a pure and simple life. There is no hustle and bustle of modern society, only tranquility and peace. This journey through time has also given me a deeper understanding of the history and culture of my hometown.

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