As a native of Datong, I have only entered the ancient city wall of Datong a few times, let alone filmed it.

However, one day the gears of fate quietly turned. On an ordinary and ordinary day, bored and bored, I once again came to that ancient city wall. Unconsciously, he walked to the vicinity of the Wild Goose Pagoda.

At this moment, the sunset is setting and the sunset is flourishing.

The brilliant and colorful glow, like poetry and painting, like dreams and illusions. The glow of the sunset gently sprinkles on the ancient city walls, as if it has been draped with an orange veil, adding a touch of mystery and solemnity to it.

This ancient city wall is the pride of the people of Datong, carrying our history and culture. At this moment, the sunset adds a brilliant color to this ancient city wall.

The city wall stands towering, and the mottled walls tell the story of the vicissitudes of time. It witnesses the rise and fall of this city, carrying the weight of history. The Yan Pagoda stands quietly on the side, complementing the city walls and creating a stunning scene together.

I stood there quietly, gazing at everything in front of me, with an indescribable emotion surging in my heart. I took out my camera and captured this beautiful moment.

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