I have been to Qianlou several times, and this time I finally came up with a more suitable composition. I have previously photographed the Qianlou from the front, just like shooting the corner towers of the Forbidden City in Beijing. However, the symmetrical city walls of the Qianlou always give off a slightly skewed feeling, and it always looks a bit lacking in meaning. When I came to Qianlou again to shoot, I simply abandoned the classic symmetrical composition and searched around repeatedly. Finally, I found a composition that I thought was quite good.

This filming camera is located on the roadside, not even deep into the bushes, near a garbage dump where I set up a tripod. Qianlou is located in the middle right position of the composition, with a forest on the left and dead trees on the right. In the foreground is a low pine needle forest, and there is a small path running through it, extending straight to Qianlou.

I left almost half of the space for the sky in the composition, in order to capture the morning glow and provide the sky with the largest possible stage for display. So, on this morning when the morning forecast would have a wonderful presentation, I arrived at this aircraft position early. When I came, it was not yet dawn, and after focusing on it, I quietly waited for the sunrise and morning glow. Unexpectedly, the thin layer of clouds in the sky dissipated as the sky gradually brightened.

This is another disappointing morning. Despite the weather constantly ravaging me countless times, I still have to treat it like my first love, even if it's just a sunrise without clouds! As the sun rose, I walked into the path and took a photo of "coming here for a visit", which was a little psychological comfort for me.

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