Time flies, almost a month has passed quietly since the last time we filmed the starry sky. During this period, I have always maintained a strong longing and longing for that starry sky.

I really can't wait any longer. Even though it's the tenth day of the lunar new year and the Milky Way may be hard to find, I still have expectations and believe that I can still capture that brilliant orbit. The selected spot is the Tiger Mountain Peak of the volcano group. It is only about 20 kilometers away from the city center, not too far away, and visible light pollution is still quite serious. However, even so, there is already more than enough space here for shooting star orbits.

As night gradually fell, I stepped onto the top of the Tiger Mountain. Along the way, my mood was both excited and nervous, and images of the vast starry sky kept coming to mind. After reaching the mountaintop, I quickly set up my camera, adjusted various parameters, and prepared to welcome the upcoming starry sky feast.

Standing on the mountaintop, I felt the gentle breeze caressing me, and everything around me seemed so peaceful. I looked up at the night sky, where in the endless darkness, stars flickered faintly, as if telling me the mysteries of the universe.

I hold up a night light and pursue every moment when a star shines. Gradually, the stars began to form beautiful arcs, which was the orbit I was looking forward to. Although not as spectacular as the Milky Way, this orbit is enough to captivate me.

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