At sunset, the sun shines on the Sanggan River.

That round of tomorrow, like a loyal old friend, falls into the sky as always, but at this moment, it is also unique.

In the deep winter season, the Sanggan River has completely frozen, as if it has been cast a magical spell, like a huge ice mirror, crystal clear, emitting a mysterious and charming light.

Ice patterns spread throughout the entire river, resembling a carefully drawn painting by nature. Each ice grain is unique, like a delicate spider web, exquisite and wonderful; Like a winding snake, agile and mysterious; Still like an ancient map, carrying the traces of time. They interweave with each other, forming a breathtaking natural painting.

The afterglow of the sunset falls on the ice patterns, and the light and shadow change like a dream. I stand by the river, gazing quietly at this frozen world, but my heart is boiling with passion.

The sunset gradually sets in the west, and the light on the ice gradually softens, as if the sun is bidding farewell to the Sanggan River, drawing a perfect conclusion to this day.

The Sanggan River, on the other hand, has remained in my heart with its unique beauty of being frozen, becoming an unforgettable memory.

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