In the early snow of Datong, I dream of returning to Pingcheng.

The first heavy snowfall in 2023 came earlier than in 2022. The pure white snowflakes scattered and scattered like a grand baptism, covering the hustle and bustle of the city. In an instant, Datong seemed to have traveled through time and space, transforming back into that ancient Pingcheng.

Pingcheng, this once glorious city, carries countless histories and memories. Remembering the ancient saying, "I mourn the city, I drive my horse into the clouds. The Yin Mountains often obscure the snow, and the desolate pine trees remain in the wind." The desolation and tragedy revealed in this poem seem to blend in with the snowy scenery at this moment.

In the early snow, Pingcheng is quiet and beautiful. The ancient city walls, solemn temples, and quaint streets all appear more solemn and mysterious against the backdrop of snow. Snowflakes gently drift and fall on ancient buildings, as if telling people about the past of Pingcheng.

The history of Pingcheng is like a magnificent picture, unfolding before my eyes. Walking on the snowy streets, I feel as if I can feel the hustle and bustle of Pingcheng in the past. Time flies, and today's Pingcheng is no longer what it used to be, but its history and culture will forever remain on this land.

This snow not only brings beautiful scenery, but also makes me understand that no matter how time passes, the charm of this city will never disappear.

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