During the May Day holiday, when most people crowded around various scenic spots, I took a unique approach and chose the ancient fortress in the outskirts - Dahebao.

I came here to avoid following the crowd and with a special purpose - to shoot the starry sky. The dark sky environment of Dahe Fort has reached level two, which is a very close and extremely rare place for me to take photos of stars. I thought that on this night, Da He Bao would only have me enjoying the tranquility and mystery alone, but fate is always full of surprises.

When night fell completely and the sky was as dark as ink, a car quietly drove over, and four star photographers from Shanghai got off the car. Their appearance surprised me a bit, but also gave me a hint of warmth in my heart. Originally, in this place far from the hustle and bustle, there are people who share the same pursuit and love as me.

We look up at the starry sky together, and the brilliant Milky Way seems within reach. The stars twinkled, like countless pairs of eyes staring at us. We exchange our shooting experiences and insights with each other, sharing our reverence and love for the starry sky. On this night, we are no longer strangers, but companions chasing the stars together.

Time passes unnoticed, and the Milky Way still hangs high above our heads, yet we are immersed in this wonderful atmosphere and cannot extricate ourselves. On this night, Dahe Fort is not only a frontier castle, but also a habitat for our souls, a place where we converse with the starry sky.

As the twilight of dawn gradually falls on the earth, we know that the night of capturing the Milky Way is coming to an end. But that starry sky, that brilliant Milky Way, will forever remain in our memories, becoming a precious memory in our lives. Perhaps this is the charm of the starry sky, which allows different people to feel the same beauty and shock at the same time.

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