The footsteps of early spring come gently, and everything seems to wake up overnight, eager to show new vitality. The new green sprouts have just sprouted their heads, shyly displaying their first appearance, while the flower buds are in bud, containing unknown wonders.

On the shore of Wenying Lake, I waited quietly for the arrival of dawn, searching for the perfect spot. On the west bank of the lake, by the edge of Ling Lake, the calm lake water is like a mirror, quietly leaning against the embrace of Mother Earth.

Chaoxia began to appear gently, although its light was weak and sparse, its hazy beauty was enough to captivate people. Although the glow is not strong, its beauty is enough to captivate people, just like the tenderness of early spring, making people heart skip a beat.

The birds began to sing happily, their songs intertwined to form the most beautiful movement in nature. The infinite beauty of spring and the lingering charm of spring make people intoxicated in this season full of vitality.

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