In March, the long-awaited summer Milky Way finally quietly made its debut.

I, who haven't taken photos of the starry sky for over a year, am also filled with expectations for the starry sky in my heart. Despite the cold weather in March, I bravely drove over fifty kilometers and arrived at a wilderness.

I parked my car by the Cetian Reservoir, and not far away was a forest. There is some light pollution behind the forest, which is the dam of the reservoir. The lights of the dam clearly outline the contours of the trees, giving them a unique ethereal feeling under the starry sky.

Originally, I thought I would easily spend this beautiful night. When I had a good meal and went out to find a place to help around, I never expected that a cemetery would appear in front of me. Within a radius of ten miles, I am the only one. At that moment, I felt a slight tingling on my scalp, and a hint of fear couldn't help but rise in my heart. However, I still kept myself calm and quickly finished urinating.

Returning to the car, I secretly thought to myself that the cemetery was still forty or fifty meters away from me, and perhaps it wouldn't be a big deal. Moreover, I believe that my yang energy is strong enough to resist any evil energy. So, I decided to let go of my worries and continue with my plan to shoot the starry sky.

I skillfully set up the camera, adjusted the parameters, and quietly waited for the best shooting opportunity. I thought of the beautiful starry sky photos I had seen before, the endless mysteries of the universe, which filled me with awe and curiosity towards this sky.

That night, that cemetery, did give me a little bump in my heart, but I still cherish the opportunity to meet the starry sky.

I know that in the pursuit of beauty, there will always be unexpected situations, but as long as I have faith and courage in my heart, I will definitely be able to overcome difficulties and get what I want.

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