With the idea of shooting the sunset, I hurried to Modisha, a classic urban scenery shooting point in Yangcheng.

This stand is absolutely amazing. It not only brings the Guangzhou Tower and the Pearl River New Town into one picture, but also takes the downstairs road as the foreground and guide line, extending to Liede Bridge. As night falls, this lane becomes a beautiful light strip.

I only found out about this parking spot two days ago when a photography friend from Guangzhou showed me. It's not easy to enter this parking spot. The community access control and security are two levels that must be crossed before going upstairs. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to sneak in despite carrying a big bag.

Upstairs, we set up the camera and immediately started taking delayed shots. But not long after filming, the security guards started patrolling. He walked out of the hallway and as soon as he saw us, he put on a driving posture

The security guard is an old man who doesn't look as fierce as that. I calmly greeted him with a smile, thinking of chatting with him for a while. In just a few words, I learned that my elder brother is from Hubei and has retired. He came to Guangzhou to accompany his son.

I said, we are all outsiders. It's our first time here and if you want to take a night scene, we can leave without causing any trouble.

My older brother said, it's not that I don't allow you to take photos, it's that the leader doesn't allow you to take photos. If something happens, I can't afford it.

I said, buddy, I know, I understand. You can watch us here. After a while, as soon as it gets dark, we'll leave immediately

Brother said no, we expressed understanding, and we remained deadlocked with each word, grinding our lips to the point of breaking.

Although we have been talking non-stop, it seems that the old man has no intention of forcing us to leave, and of course, we have no intention of collecting the machine. So, we maintained a tacit understanding, chatting haphazardly until it was dark.

We captured the image we wanted, the clouds were beautiful, but unfortunately there was no sunset that night. Fortunately, after the blues descended, the night view was indeed beautiful

It's almost time, I think we can go now. Before leaving, we sincerely thanked our brother. Sadly, understanding and tolerance between people are so important.

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