In April, I arrived at the mysterious Tiger Mountain in Datong with full anticipation, just to pursue the dreamy Milky Way arch bridge.

I found the pavilion at the top of the Tiger Mountain to be a beautiful scenery, so I carefully placed the camera and waited quietly for the magnificent appearance of the Milky Way. According to astronomical science experts, the Milky Way in April will slowly rise from 0 to 1 am, and around 3 am is the best filming time. I hid in the car, half asleep and half awake, patiently waiting

Finally, the enchanting Milky Way Arch appeared in the night sky like a poem and a painting, elegantly crossing the sky like a gorgeous ribbon. I quickly adjusted the parameters of the camera, taking pictures from left to right, seven in a row, and pieced together the Milky Way Arch in this sky.

During this process, I truly felt the mystery and greatness of the universe, and I increasingly cherished the brilliant starry sky above our heads. I hope that through my photos, more people can appreciate the charm of the Milky Way Arch Bridge and pursue our own starry sky dreams together.

As the sun slowly rose in the morning, the Milky Way Arch gradually disappeared into the sky, and I left Tiger Mountain with full harvest and emotion.

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