This cold morning, I came to Wenying Lake again. On Happy Island, I knew that the expected red clouds would not appear as I had hoped, because there were no clouds in the sky. I hesitated by the boardwalk, wanting to leave but unwilling to wake up early but achieving nothing. After all, everyone has come. So put on a camera and wait for an ordinary sunrise.

The temperature has significantly increased by several degrees compared to usual, and under this warm force, the world that was originally sealed off by severe cold is about to begin the process of thawing, slowly restoring its former vitality and vigor. The migratory birds in the distance seem to be keenly aware of this change, and their numbers appearing by the lake are also increasing

Warm light has begun to appear on the skyline, but the lake surface covered in ice shards cannot reflect any warmth. At this moment, the lake surface has not yet thawed, still presenting a cold and silent posture. Even the trees by the lake, pulled by the wind, are stiff and unwilling to sway.

The sky was clean without any clouds, but a pink glow still appeared on the horizon. The gradually rising sun, like a huge salted egg yolk, emitted a soft and warm light. Birds seem to be attracted by this warmth, singing happily and composing wonderful music for the new day.

On the boardwalk, people who wake up early for morning exercises also stop and admire the sunrise in different ways. They silently gazed at the sun, unable to resist holding their phones and filming while sharing with their peers.

When the sun has completely risen, warm sunlight falls on the body, making one feel comfortable and extremely happy. I leisurely move forward, savoring the unique beauty to the fullest in this peaceful morning. This tranquility and harmony seem to be the charm of watching the sunrise.

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