I finally arrived at the first century sunset in Datong this year, it was really late but arrived!

I came to the open source bridge, which is an excellent viewing spot that I found. The river under the bridge shimmered with ripples, and the afterglow of the sunset shone on the water surface, as if covered with a layer of pink silk. The tall buildings in the distance have also been dyed with brilliant colors by the sunset, connecting with the sunset in the sky, forming a dreamlike picture.

The Open Source Bridge appears particularly magnificent against the backdrop of the sunset. The trees by the bridge swayed gently in the wind, making a rustling sound, as if dancing with the sunset. The surrounding flowers and plants are also blooming brightly, seemingly cheering for this beautiful sunset.

The sunset is dazzling in color, red like fire, orange like glow, yellow like gold, intertwined like a phoenix soaring in the sky. I quickly picked up the camera and kept pressing the shutter button

At this moment, I was completely immersed in the beauty of the sunset, feeling the charm of nature. The late arrival of the century sunset has brought me endless surprises and emotions. I look forward to more such beautiful moments in the future.

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