Not far from the Yataizi Church, there is a small pool formed by the convergence of mountain springs and water, known as the "Holy Spring" by people. There are three trees around the Holy Spring, one of which is located in the center of the circular spring water. This composition is really exciting

I stayed here all day to shoot the evening meteor shower, because the maximum value of the Leo meteor shower is tonight, and no one will come to compete with me for a seat in such cold weather, right! As expected, no one except me can withstand the cold of winter

I slept in the car all afternoon, and only when the sun was about to set did I rush to the Holy Spring with my camera on my back. But I didn't expect the temperature to drop sharply at sunset, and the temperature difference became larger, causing strong winds to rise suddenly. Not only did it blow non-stop, but it also blew my tripod down several times, making it difficult for even people to stand in place properly

After reading the weather forecast, the strong wind has reached levels eight to nine. I was originally planning to bask in the sunset, but it seems that it won't work. I stumbled back into the car, packing up my camera and feeling like I was sitting in a rocking chair in the strong wind. I nervously stared at the weather forecast, worried that the wind wouldn't be so terrifying after nightfall, but fortunately the forecast said the strong wind would slowly drop to level four or five

Listening to the wind outside slowly fading away, I once again arrived at the Holy Spring under the stars and moon. Although the wind is not as strong, the tripod still cannot be stabilized. I can only lower the tripod level by level until it is within its acceptable range.

I added a power bank to my camera, enough for it to capture an entire night. The long-awaited meteor shower is just waiting for it to help me capture

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