A more magnificent and magnificent red painting rolls in with the surging waves. The rising tide submerged the mudflat, and in a moment, the glow was like a torrent, shining the whole sea. The water surface is clear and transparent, initially dark red like blood, then turning into a sparkling golden color. Thousands of hectares of Artemisia grass sway gracefully in the wind. In the glow of the backlight, a withered tree suddenly appeared on the red beach, its trunk thriving towards the sun. This unique style of scenery is deeply engraved in my heart.

Compared to the tranquility of Qinghai Lake, Xingxinghai is more vibrant. In the daytime, there is a verdant grassland around Qinghai Lake and Xingxinghai. In the grass, wild flowers are as colorful as stars. However, as night fell, Qinghai Lake was like a sleeping beauty, peaceful and serene, while the starry sea was like lit fireworks, instantly becoming colorful.

I looked up and saw the vast and boundless Milky Way quietly crossing the sky. I set up my camera and took this photo. Although the stand is randomly selected at the roadside, and the occasional passing vehicle contributes a lot of light pollution, somehow, the starry sky photographed here is much less than the brilliance of Xizang, and the details of the Milky Way are also rich

Because of the epidemic, I was driven out of the Zizhu Temple, and then out of Xizang.

Although I wander around in Xizang, where the epidemic is spreading, I always live in a car and hardly contact anyone. I haven't even said a few words. What I crave is beautiful scenery. Everything else is unimportant to me.

Although the footsteps of the city lockdown were closely following behind me, I felt that my luck was still quite good. In a limited amount of time, I stayed at Sap Mountain for two days. As soon as I left, Sap Mountain was sealed off; I stayed at Sanse Lake for two days, and as soon as I left, Bianba County was locked down; I stayed at Zizhu Temple for a day and wanted to stay for another day, but I was told that if I didn't leave, I would be locked up there. There was no other way, so I had to flee quickly