take off

Get off the ground,
Hovering in the air,
Accelerate flight,
I can't see the ground clearly.

The wind howls in my ears,
Clouds sway under my feet,
The sunlight shines on the wings,
Feeling an unprecedented power.

I took off...


Watching the Milky Way

The pavilion stands still, and the night light emits a faint light
The Milky Way is like a pure white training belt, flowing slowly in the sky
The starry sky is dazzling and shining with hopeful light
The long river of time is surging endlessly
We look up and gaze in time

The night on Tiger Mountain is peaceful and serene
I face the starry sky from afar, silently watching
They are the grand epic of the universe
It's also a deep longing in my heart

Watching this galaxy and starry sky
My thoughts drift freely in the vast expanse
The boundless vastness of the universe
Under the radiance of this light, the soul flaps its wings and soars

Accompanied by night lights, the Milky Way shines brightly
The night is so wonderful and unparalleled
I wish to forever immerse myself in the ocean of stars
Enjoy the wonderful chapter of time with the starry sky


When offending Yongcuo's starry sky

Under the starry sky
People are so insignificant

Under the Milky Way
I am connected to the universe

The green aura shines in the night sky
Like the poetry of the universe

I'm standing there
Feel the watering of the stars

They travel through time and space, illuminating me
I close my eyes and immerse myself
Will blend with the stars


Early morning in Lugu Lake

A peaceful lakeside
Like a dream like illusion
The sparkling water surface
The deep blue that reflects the sky

The wind blows gently
Ripples rise like a dream
Waterbirds fly in the sky
Dancing gracefully with the white clouds

The flowers by the lake are in full bloom
Emitting a fragrant scent
Surrounded by green mountains and shaded by green trees
What a beautiful painting scroll

Lugu Lake
This pure land of the soul
Away from the hustle and bustle of tranquility and tranquility
Only in your embrace
Only then can we find it


Watching the Star River

The curved moon,
Drifting weakly in the air.
The cold moonlight,
With a hint of coldness.
Starry dots,
Like tears slipping from the corners of her eyes.
Meteor streaks over,
A glimmer of light merged into the merciless darkness.

On the night of Yuanmou's earth forest,
Quiet and profound.
Under the starry sky,
Watching alone.

Time passes by,
Memories are like a tide.
The warmth of the past,
It has dissipated in the Milky Way.

Under the starry sky,
There is an answer that I am pursuing.
Even though the darkness is boundless,
The light in my heart,
Never go out.