Time to take medicine

It's time to take medicine again
It's like I'm a patient
I know the medicine is not good
Can eat everyday, also be used
The doctor said that he could go out to let the wind out after eating the medicine
It's more important to let the wind go than to take medicine


About the life of self realization

I don't know if it's awe or escape. I still don't want to admit that I'm thirty years old

Confucius said, "we stand at thirty!"! But in the past 30 years, I was like "wasting my life". Others were struggling, others were buying houses, others were getting married and others were having children. I didn't do any of these things. This year, my mind occasionally fantasized that I was young and still had physical strength. Even if I immersed myself in warm water, the programmer profession could make me at least 35, at least not make me "idle" now!

I woke up in a daze. As soon as I opened the door, I saw my mother frowning, one hand on the wall, the other hand on her waist moving in the living room! Actually, I'm standing and walking, but the steps are very small. I asked mom what was going on? Mom said, fell!

Huh? How did you fall! I was surprised and nervous. In my impression, my mother has flexible limbs and good health all the time. Although she is in her fifties, she doesn't fall so hard

The significance of travel

The breeze turned into a horse
The smoke turned into a river
Splash in the blink of an eye
Merged into a blue lake

A spring springs from the pores
My cheeks are full of flowers
Big trees grow out of the mouth
Desert becomes forest

Slow snail like time
It crawls slowly
The shining footprints left
Reflecting the golden light of the sun


Down, of course, down. And what? Is the reserve ratio of the bank.

The deposit reserve refers to the deposit that the financial institution prepares to guarantee the customer's withdrawal of deposit and capital settlement needs, and it is the deposit reserve ratio required by the central bank to the total deposit.

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