For the first time, I found that I can't operate the data inserted into the mobile hard disk, because the Mac OS only supports the reading of NTFS format disk by default, and can't move, modify, rename and delete files

Later I learned that NTFS (new technology file system) is a disk format developed by Microsoft for Windows NT kernel series operating system. Therefore, Apple cannot directly support NTFS due to copyright issues, but this does not mean that it does not support it!

In general, many people will choose to read and write hard disk by using NTFS for Mac and other tools, but these easy-to-use tools are all charged, so I have to find a free solution for the empty pocket.

In the process of developing WPF program based on .NET Core 3, there is a need to encapsulate tool classes such as converter and formatter into another class library for reuse.

Therefore, after creating a new. Net core class library, copy the class file into it, and System.Windows.Data will be inaccessible when compiling!

It's strange that the new class library and the framework of the original WPF program are Microsoft.NETCore.App.