There is a new member in my "Zhai" series of software, that is "Zhai video", which is the software used to watch videos. Of course, this is also the tool I use to cooperate with "Zhai".

Currently released v1.0.0.0 is mainly used to watch videos. Except for the software interface that I think is good-looking, there are no other special functions for the time being, but I have some ideas

"Zhao video" is also developed with WPF and open source. As for the future of "Zhao video", I will realize my favorite functions one by one. Please look forward to


"Zhai picture" is a new member of my "Zhai" series of software. It is a software used to view pictures and simply modify pictures. It is a tool I use with "Zhai".

Currently released v1 Version 0.0.0 is mainly used to view pictures, support the jump of folders at the same level, and browse classified pictures in a friendly way.

The same as "Zhai" is that "Zhai picture" is also developed with WPF! The difference is that I choose to open source the "Zhai picture". As for the future of "Zhai picture", I will realize my favorite functions one by one. Please look forward to


I forgot when I wrote the first line of code for this project, but at least four years ago

At that time, I just quit my job naked and was ready to start a trip to the West.

Before leaving Beijing, I rented a house in Beijing for one month. I stayed at home and did nothing, so I came up with the idea that lingered in my mind for a long time, that is to implement a media file manager.

I hope this manager can help me manage my photos, videos, movies and other resources, match the cover, score, mark like and so on, so that I can easily and quickly find the resources I want to see

Just do it!

ASP. Net core MVC Partial and HTML Renderpartial is an output HTML fragment, but the difference is:

  • Html. When partial, the partial view is rendered as a string, which directly generates a string from the view content and returns it, which is equivalent to an escape process.
  • Html. Renderpartial is to write the distribution view directly into the response output stream, that is, the current httpcontext. Because it is direct output, it has good performance and little impact. Therefore, it can only be placed directly in the code block, not in the expression, because the return value is void.

For the first time, I found that I can't operate the data inserted into the mobile hard disk, because the Mac OS only supports the reading of NTFS format disk by default, and can't move, modify, rename and delete files

Later I learned that NTFS (new technology file system) is a disk format developed by Microsoft for Windows NT kernel series operating system. Therefore, Apple cannot directly support NTFS due to copyright issues, but this does not mean that it does not support it!

In general, many people will choose to read and write hard disk by using NTFS for Mac and other tools, but these easy-to-use tools are all charged, so I have to find a free solution for the empty pocket.