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I often wander outside the door of reality, thinking that I can use love to fantasize. Maybe this is too childish, but please let me go...


Morning in Cilong Valley

Starting from Chayu, we went to Ranwu Lake. When we passed through Guyu Township, we found Cilong Valley unexpectedly. There are not only towering snow mountains, but also beautiful Taoyuan scenery...


Xizang Salt Well

Thieves don't leave empty! This time I'm a ticket dodger! I am very familiar with the millennium ancient salt field of Salt Well in Tibet, where there are 81 tickets. I came to Salt Well for the first time because the ticket price was prohibitive!


Crossing Bingchacha

When turning over the pass, the car stalled. I guess I was angry! The gas of raw gasoline, raw 95 gasoline has sold for eleven yuan per liter of gas...


Sunset glow in Bingzhongluo

It was only may, and the hateful rainy season came ahead of schedule. I stayed in Bingzhongluo for seven days. Only on this day did I see the sunset and sunset glow, which was still not wonderful! Except for sighing, I have no way...


Xiala of Nu people

Angry Shara is a kind of cuisine that I can never imagine...


Gospel in the canyon

When I just entered the Nujiang gorge, I found that every town and village I passed by had churches...


Bingzhongluo where human beings and gods live together

I went along the Yunnan Tibet line to the end of the Yunnan section. I had long heard that there was a beautiful Xanadu called Bingzhongluo...


Lost City

"Zhiziluo" means "good place" in Lisu language. It was once an important post station in the ancient tea horse road and the political and economic center of Nujiang region. However, in 1986, due to the prediction of possible geological disasters (debris flow), Nujiang Prefecture was moved to Lushui, so zhiziluo was abandoned, and its Bijiang county system was also abolished...

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