Support for Lao Cui

It's said that old Cui came out to do something recently, and was scolded miserably! I quickly brush Lao Cui's microblog and see that there are so many people who are quite Lao Cui, I am relieved!

It's like someone laughing and urinating and saying that pineapple juice is hard for people to drink. As the saying goes: reach out and don't make a smile, people will bear it! But I found that the cap said "another bottle" and attached "must be exchanged"!

Who can stand the grievance? They complained a few words, but were scolded by some melon eaters. As the saying goes: money can make the devil push the mill! Indeed! In this era of "laughing at poverty, not laughing at prostitutes", it seems that with money, there is everything. Even people's character and integrity will improve with the increase of money! These melon eaters don't see what other people have done to him. They only see a madman looking for trouble!!!

I really want to persuade these melon eaters not to regard "nothing but trouble" as their Bible. When you are both hard and soft, when you swallow and swallow, you will understand

These people, they don't know what life is. They can go with the flow if they want to find reasons

I think, to these people, old Cui can only smile and say: these fools!

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